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CandyFactory - 8 games in 1 - 1,45 € - Free for Patrons!

Come and have fun in a special factory where working has never been so entertaining.
You are a employment in the Candy Factory where your main job is to put candies in jars.
Every hour you got a break, unfortunately not to rest, but to fulfill some different small tasks to go to the next levels.
You'll have to prove your skills as a player all-rounder to accomplish your job with success.

CazaCulo - Free game!

Catch that butt before time runs out! Watch out! No bestiality allowed! You may NOT euh... catch animals!
In this 12 levels game, you must prove that you manage the keyboard arrow-keys like a master.
You have to catch a given n° butts before times run out.
For each animal (catched) you lose 1 euh, di..., pe..., player and must catch 5 extra butts.
If you succeed you go to the next level and get one extra player.
If you fail you lose one player and go 1 level down.
Windows or Android version onrequest!

SexyJigsaw - Free game!

Jigsaw puzzle for boys, for girls or for both.
9 Puzzles with sexy guys, 9 with sexy babes and 9 with sexy couples.
From 12 to 108 pieces!
A giveaway to win your sympathy and support.
Android version coming soon.

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