Marketing specialist

I am looking for a qualified Digital media specialist to make a team.
You will lead our marketing efforts using new media and digital tools.
If you know how to creatively handle various online marketing tools, like websites, podcasts and blogs, this position is for you.
You will coordinate our marketing, advertising and promotional activities.
Ultimately, you should be able to promote our company and increase client engagement.


Design digital media campaigns
Coordinate the creation of digital content (e.g. website, blogs, press releases and podcasts)
Manage end-to-end digital projects
Establish our web presence to boost brand awareness
Maintain a strong online company voice through social media
Suggest and implement direct marketing methods to increase profitability
Stay up-to-date with digital media developments


Engaged in social media networks
Analytical and project management skills
Strong written communication skills
Play the games and give suggestions to improve them
50/50 revenue, or make me a decent offer

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