Find the pairs, 5€.

I need 37 images to create a Find the pairs game.
To keep the upload time reasonable keep the maximum size under the 2mb for each image.
If you want other music like in the example include a mp3 file with a maximim size of 7mb.
If you want a different background like in the example submit a image or mention in the additional information window the color code.
You can submit a total of 40 files, take use of it because it is possible that not every image can be used.
When you submit the files be patient and give the files the time to upload.
As soon I recieves the files I start building the app.
When ready I will send you an download link from a demo version to your email.
When your satisfied with the result you can purchage the game from in the demo version.
For any questions, suggestions or comments please get in touch!

First fill in the form and than add the files! Maximum 40 files!