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In this section, you will discover updates for the games, new examples from the existing games, answers to the most ask questions, and, any notice that I think that's important for you.

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Photographs on Wall

What To Do With Your Digital Photographs?

Grab your favorite digital images from your devices and turn them into awesome personal games. Surprise friends and relatives...

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connect 4 game cover

connect4 ∼ Remote player and chat game

Connect4 (also known as Four Up, Plot Four, Find Four, Captain's Mistress, Four in a Row, Drop Four...) is a two-player...

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candy factory screenshot

CandyFactory ∼ Online game

Online game consisting of the main game with between each level other games. Try to beat your friend's scores and become the best...

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crazy faces screenshot

Crazy Faces ∼ Online distort images

Have fun and a good laugh by creating distorted and funny images. Deform your face and share it with your friends with this easy online app

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Nice woman happy singing

𝄞 Create timestamped files for video and, or audio clips

Make easily subtitles for music, instructions and, or presentation videos, and lrc files for synchronized playback with your favorite audio...

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Jigsaw puzzle with local images

New! Games with local images!

In this games, you can choose your images directly from your devices, no need to upload pictures. You can make your own puzzles by using images directly from your p.c., mobile phone...

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Sliding Puzzle table

How To Solve Any Sliding Puzzle?

Lots of people complaining about the sliding block puzzles, saying how much they hate them and how hard they found them. Maybe you came here...

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How to install games

How To Install The Games?

After downloading and unzipping the file, you will have a folder with the name of the game. In this folder, you will find a "nameGame.exe" file. Start...

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How Do I Know If I’m Running A 32-Bit Or 64-Bit CPU?

The steps to determine whether your computer has a 32-bit or 64-bit processor (CPU) depend on the type of operating system installed. Below are the...

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