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Crazy Faces

People like to make fun of their friends by creating distorted and funny images of their faces. They make the faces unrecognizable so that people can not figure out who they are. On the Google Play Store and Apple Store, many free and paid applications can make your face distorted. However, I bring you the easiest online tool to start making distorted faces of your friends and your own.

Launch Crazy Faces maker and choose an image from your device. Hit the distort button and the application will distort the image and take 10 screenshots. Then you can save your favorite ones to your hard disk or give it another go, no image will be the same. Share them with your friends, have fun and a good laugh!

Laungh Crazy Faces

What to use this application for.

Even though this application is made with the idea of distorting faces, you can use any photo.
By making the photo larger or smaller in height and/or width and the ability to move it, you can bring any point into focus and then distort it.
You can then download all 10 distorted photos or just the ones you want to use. Manipulate them in a software program to further edit them and, or send them to your friends and have fun together with the obtained result.

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