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Turn Your Digital Photos Into Amazing Games!

Precious Memories

Collect your favorite photographs from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC and turn them into precious memories. Surprise yourself and your loved ones enjoy playing awesome games with pictures from your children grandchildren, relatives, friends, pets, or whatever you prefer.

Available Games

Spot The Difference Screenshot

Spot The Difference

Also known as photo hunt games (Wikipedia) is a type of puzzle where players must find a set number of differences between two otherwise similar images. Get crazy looking for the difference between the pictures. This Spot The Difference Game has 20 Photographs with 10 differences each make a total of 200 to find.

Dancing Puzzle Screenshot

Dancing Puzzle

The Dancing Puzzle game is an very exclusive game made from a short video fragment. When the game starts, a video is playing, watch him attentively because he break up into 100 pieces. You have to drag each piece to its proper spot to solve the puzzle.

Memory Match Game Screenshot

Memory Match

Also, know as Concentration game (Wikipedia). Level up your memory with this memory card game. It starts very easy with only 4 pictures, bud increase with each level to become really hard. In the sixth level, you'll have to challenge 36 couples!

Jigsaw Puzzle Screenshot

Jigsaw Puzzle

Turn your favorite pictures into a jigsaw puzzle (Wikipedia). Choose from 100 different images and play with 40, 80, 120, 190, and for the real jigsaw freaks 300 pieces!

Tetris Game Screenshot


Clone of the famous Tetris game (Wikipedia). The big difference is that in this game you reveal parts of the total 100 images according to the lines formed. To reveal the first picture you only have to make 10 lines, bud to reveal the last one, you have to form 100 lines. Not that easy!

Jigsaw Puzzle Screenshot

Sliding Puzzle

Also, known as sliding block puzzle, or sliding tile puzzle (Wikipedia). Test your brain skills with this slide puzzle game made with your own personalized favorite pictures. This demo version has a total of 50 different pictures and you can choose to play with 3X3, 4X4, 5X5, and/or 6X6 tiles. Worth noting that all the puzzles are solvable!

Quick match Game Screenshot

Quick Match

Exclusive game based on the Memory Match Game. A 4 levels memory game for the quick ones. In this game, you have to find the couples in given number clicks. You have one second to click on the corresponding photograph. If you don't make it in the first round don't worry, the cards come back to the same spot. Don't give up and start over until you managed it in given number clicks.

New! Games with local images!

In this games, you can choose your images directly from your devices, no need to upload pictures. You can make your own puzzles by using images directly from your p.c., mobile phone...

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