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What To Do With Your Digital Photographs?

We all love our digital cameras and smartphones. They allow us to take as many photos as we want, and we can do amazing things with digital photos in post-processing. However, it is easy to leave the photos in a computer folder and forget about them.

However, there are a lot of things you can do with them. You can print them out and decorate your walls with them. Collect them in photo albums, frame them in, and put them all around in your house. Make video slideshows, etc...

The Coolest Thing To Do Is Turn Them Into Amazing Digital Games.

Make it your own text
Make them your own
filmstrip memories
Turn your photos in precious memories
family having feast in garden
For yourself, relatives and friends
passing present
The perfect gift
foto collage in heartshape
With your favorite images
Colorfull musical notes
With your favorite music
color palette
With your favorite colors
languages flags
Your language
most used operating systems icons
Your operating system

The games you will find on this site are examples made with pictures taking from the internet. You can play them in your browser or download them for your system.

Spot The Difference screenshot Spot The Difference
Jigsaw Puzzle screenshot Jigsaw Puzzle
Memory match screenshot Memory Match
Tetris screenshot Tetris
Sliding Puzzle screenshot Sliding Puzzle
Dancing puzzle screenshot Dancing Puzzle
Quick match game screenshot Quick Match

Personalized not only means that the games are built with your images, but you also can choose your own cover photo, background color, music, language, and operating system. The amount of pictures as well is completely your choice, although I must put son limits to keep the game size reasonable.

You will find additional and more information for each of the games on there page.

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