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blocks from tetris game made from bushes

Your Tetris Game

A clone of one of the most popular puzzle games of all time "Tetris" with your exclusive personal pictures. The game starts very easily. Form 10 lines to reveal the first image. 11 to reveal the second one, and so on... Can you make it all to the 100th picture?

You can choose to play with the keyboard-arrows or use in-game buttons in case you're playing on a touch device. In the final version, you also can choose for portrait or landscape mode.

Tetris Screenshot 2
Tetris Screenshot 3
Tetris Screenshot 4
Tetris Screenshot 5
Tetris Screenshot 6
Tetris Screenshot 7

Play it in your browser

Download for your system

This game uses high-quality images.

I strongly recommend downloading the games for your system. Especially if you use a smartphone or tablet. Because of the use of HD images in the game, the loading time in the browser is very high.
However, f you want to play it in your browser, please be patient when loading it for the first time!

Direct downloads:

Windows 32bit (175Mb)
Windows 64bit (180Mb)
Android 5.0+ Lollipop (142Mb)
Apple (388Mb)
Linux 32bit (198Mb)
Linux 64bit (193Mb)

How to install the game?

Make It Your Own For Only €10.

Tetris cover

If you want another background for the Start page of the game, include your image with a minimum size of 1280 in width X 720 in height and call it "background", in case it isn't a solid color. If it is a solid color, enter the color code in the additional information text field, p.e. "Background color #A901DB". You can easily pick any color code here. If you want to give the game a personalized name, fill in the appropriate text field. If you want a distinct cover image, include your image with a minimum size of 720 X 405 and call it "cover". Otherwise, I choose and adapt one from the other uploaded files.

Tetris game screenshot

You can choose the number of photos you want for this game, with a maximum of 100. The size of the images should be at least 720 in width X 1080 in height. Don't worry if they don't have exactly the mentioned size, I adapt them to my needs. If you want other music, include an audio file in your uploads. Keep in mind that I must put it in a loop and for that reason maybe I have to edit it.

Tetris game screenshot

If you're going to play Tetris on a tablet or smartphone, it is more interesting to play in portrait mode and, of course, choose in-game buttons. Although in the ' demo version you can play or with the keyboard arrows, or in-game buttons, it cost some time in the performance to start the game. So I highly recommended making a choice.

Get yours now!

If you decide to let me built you one, Please upload your desired files. As soon I receive the files, I start building the app. I will make you a demo version with your uploaded files, but with a limited amount of pictures and some promotional content. It will be built for the operating system you have chosen. When ready, I will send you a download link from the demo version to your email and when you are happy with the result you can purchase the final version with a link in the demo version. However, if you're not fully satisfied sent me a mail and I will try again till you're pleased.


Your Tetris Game

Color Picker

Select your os-system

Important notice: Firstly, how better the image quality is, the nicer the game will look and feel.
And secondly, in the purchased version will be NO promotional content at all.

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